Skyrim Finance


What is Structured Finance?

In 2020, we were in the front seats bearing witness to an extraordinary wave of DeFi innovations and the explosive growth that comes with them, especially in the sectors of decentralized trading, lending/borrowing, options, fixed-rate return, algorithmic stable coins, synthetic assets, and even more. Furthermore, we have seen this niche market growing more diverse day by day, almost to the extent that people feel this movement can replicate or even disrupt the entire landscape of traditional finance.
With the constant iterations to DeFi protocols come new possibilities and opportunities for users of different profiles to reap returns. Be it via lending, providing liquidity to AMMs, or minting synthetic assets.
Structured Products (SP) is a combination of financial derivatives. It is usually a structured product that derives from a series of derivatives, with a purpose to achieve a certain return.
One of the most distinctive advantages of this tool is that it can supplement the known investment vehicles of the current market. Although there are manifold derivative tools that can be used to form a well-designed trading portfolio, experienced traders are only in the minority, and most market participants do not yet even know the concept of placing derivatives into their investment portfolio to optimize the risk/return ratio. And, we believe, that is where Structured Finance can pitch in. It can pack multiple derivatives into a product that anyone can purchase without worrying about the underlying complexity of its structure. In a broad sense, you can understand it as a financial product that is customized for all clients.
In the traditional finance world, Structured Products (SP) are usually the ones lying above on investments that generate fixed-rate returns and often combined with financial derivatives that include equity-linked financial assets such as stocks, bonds, interest rates, foreign exchange, all sorts of index, commodities, and funds.
Due to its flexibility and customizability, this tool has witnessed massive development and has become a powerful tool for asset management. We believe that is where the magic and imagination of Structured Finance lies.

Market Gap

The DeFi market consists of two types of DeFi investors. We aim to create a blended product that fits between these two target markets, so that participants can have a single touch hedged approach to DeFi.
  • Fixed-rate APY: There are many crypto holders seeking for the fixed-rate APY without standard risk.
  • Leveraged APY: There are many yield farmers seeking higher yield farming APY with high leverage.

What is Skyrim Finance?

Skyrim Finance is a Multichain Decentralized Structured Finance Protocol for Fixed-rate and Leveraged-yield DeFi Products.
The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted return through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products. We believe that the structured finance market will become one of the biggest DeFi markets in the future.

Team Interest

Skyrim Finance team has extensive experience in financial mathematics , computer science, and cryptography. In addition to technology, the finance talents are from global elite education institutes like the University of Pennsylvania, NYU, The University of Manchester, and London Business School. They are now entering the DeFi space to research and explore the new frontiers of Structured Finance.